The ‘Manage Clients’ Tab

The ‘Manage Clients’ tab is the central area where you monitor the progress of a Group Project.

This tab allows you to manage your Participants and check each of their status within the assessment process using the navigational elements listed below:
  1. The blue ‘Bulk Action’ button allows you to manage Participants and apply bulk actions to all the selected Participants.
  2. The blue ‘Filter’ button allows you to select a specific search criteria. For example, you may wish to search for a Participant by Name, or using the dropdown menus, see how many Raters they have Invited, or check what step they are on. To apply any of these filters, select the relevant fields and then click on the blue ‘Search’ button.
  3. The fuchsia ‘CSV Bulk Upload’ button mass uploads Participant details (name and email) to any blank purchased credits located in this table.
  4. The green ‘Options’ dropdown button allows you to apply individual actions to a Participant.
  5. The purple ‘View’ button takes you to an individual view of the Participant, where you can also see their Rater progress.