The LET traffic lights

The ‘LET’ Traffic Light scoring system used on the Pillar tables, has been created to provide an easy way to visualise strengths and areas for development for each of the items that make up the assessment.

Each item is numbered from 1 - 128 for easy referencing.

  • Green (L) represents the highest scored items. They symbolise the clients’ strengths which they may want to leverage from and further utilise to their advantage. Green only appears when that item is scored at the very top of the scale (equal or above 7.1). 
  • Amber (E) represents the items that are scored in between the strengths and the limitations. Greater exploration may result in their improvement. 
  • Red (T) represents the lowest scored items in the scale (equal or below 3.9). These could be limiting your client’s potential. The purpose of this section is to help the client identify how to transform potential limitations into strengths. 

It is probably easier to encourage them to look at the amber items first and help them explore how they can convert them into strengths that can be visible to others rather than let them dwell on the limitations they may have got.

People naturally gravitate towards the lower scores instead of paying attention to their strengths or other less lower scores (such as Amber) that might be easier to correct. As a debriefer/coach, you can help the client give a positive spin to the results so the participant leaves the session motivated to implement some actions.

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