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Submitting Results for Processing

To access and download an i4 Neuroleader™ Report or a Group Report, Participants must click on ‘submit for processing’ in Step 7 of the Assessment Wizard and close off their 360 feedback process.

Can my Participants access the report right away?

Unless you have elected to have ‘auto-release’ turned on in your Project, the Participant will not receive access to their report until you have manually ‘released’ it in their dashboard. 

When can my Participants ‘submit’?

Participants will be able to click on the button ‘submit for processing’ once they have reached the minimum of 5 Rater responses. The Participant will receive the following email notification giving  them the option to ‘submit’ when minimum Rater count has been reached. If they choose to wait for the rest of their Raters, once all have responded, the following email notification will be sent to encourage them to close off the process.

Can I ‘submit’ the responses on behalf of my Participant?

Yes. As a Practitioner you can ‘submit’ the process on a Participant’s behalf. This function may be useful to meet your project deadline if Participants are taking too long to close off the assessment process.

In certain cases the Participant may not reach a minimum of 5 Rater responses. If this is the case, you can choose to close off the assessment with less than 5 Raters, however this will mean that the ‘Breakdown of Raters’ graphs will not show in the report. We recommend that you allow and encourage your Participants to reach the minimum of 5.

You can see the Rater Breakdown Activity Log in the Individual View of each Participant, we recommend you review this page for each person before you submit for them. 

When you ‘submit’ on behalf of a Participant the system will send out the following automated emails to both the Participant and Raters:

Can I re-open an assessment or ‘unsubmit results’?

Yes you can. The reason why you may want to ‘unsubmit results’ could be, for example, because the Participant missed out on having their Manager respond, or because they didn't reach the minimum of 2 Raters per category (which means that category will now show up in the report).

It is advised that the Practitioners use this action at their own discretion if the Participant has not achieved their desired Rater responses. Unless absolutely necessary, it is highly recommended not to offer this option as it can be cumbersome to submit and un-submit for various Participants.

Are the reports immediately generated? 

Yes...our system is super fast :) and the i4 Neuroleader™ Report is immediately generated, however this only happens once the assessment process is closed off or ‘submitted’.

As a Practitioner you can immediately access the PDF report by clicking on the green ‘Options’ dropdown button and selecting the ‘Download Report’ action next to each Participant. For Individual Projects this same action is under the ‘Manage’ accordion ‘Select an Action’ dropdown.

Can my Participant see the final Rater breakdown of who completed the assessment?

Yes they can. In Step 8 of the Assessment Wizard, the Activity Log that was in Step 7 will appear as a summary, to show the Participant who has and has not responded.

Since the results of the i4 Neuroleader™ Report are supposed to be anonymous (except for the Manager Category), any categories that did not receive the minimum of 2 raters, will not show up in the ‘Breakdown of Raters’ graphs on the report. The responses of those people will be aggregated and shown in the first ‘others circle’ - see example image below.