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Setting up Group Categories

A ‘Group Category’ is how you categorise particular Participants within the Project for the purposes of creating a Group Report.

For example, you have a Project for Company ABC which has 4 different teams, and you want to generate a ‘Group Report’ for those 4 intact teams. This means that you have to categorise these people into separate ‘Group Categories’. Let’s say there are 40 people within the company and 4 intact teams:

  • Management Team
  • Marketing Team
  • IT Team
  • Customer Service Team

The reason why you create these categories is so that later on, in the ‘Manage Clients’ tab, you can assign each of those people to a ‘Group Category’ in order to download a Team Report. To read more about Team Reporting click here.

‘Team or Group’ Project vs. ‘Group Category’

The difference between a ‘Team or Group’ Project and ‘Group Category’, is that a ‘Team or Group Project’ is a Project that you create for a company or a team/group of people.

A ‘Group Category’ is the internal categorisation that you give within that ‘Team or Group’ Project. Creating a Group Category is required in order to generate a ‘Team Report’. To read more about Team Reporting click here.

How to create a Group Category

Inside the ‘Project Settings’ tab, scroll down to the bottom until you see the ‘Project Structure’ accordion. Click on the ‘Add’ button after naming your ‘Group’ in the field provided. These ‘Group Categories’ will appear as bubbles. You can delete these at anytime.

How do I assign Participants into a Group Category?

In the ‘Manage Clients’ Tab you can assign Participants to a Group Category by using the green ‘Options’ button that appears next to each individual on the table - you can also apply a bulk action for multiple Participants.

In either case, select the action ‘Assign Group Category’ from the dropdown and allocate that Participant to your chosen ‘Group Category’. Please note that ‘Group Categories’ are only available for ‘360° Feedback Assessment’ Projects and must also be set up first in the ‘Project Settings’ Tab, as demonstrated above.