Sending Rater Invitations

Your Raters will undertake the same assessment you would have completed in Step 4 of the Wizard. It is vital you read the points below so you can effectively influence your invitees to be part of this process.

These instructions are also included as part of the Assessment Wizard, however we have included them below with some additional information to guide you through process.

Invitation Etiquette

We highly recommend you personally speak to your invitees before sending any invitations via the Assessment Wizard. A personal email or call is always useful. Letting people know about the reasons why you are undertaking this assessment will provide context and help them feel part of this process.

It is always convenient to clarify that this is a personal development activity and that you value their honesty and support. Reassure them that their answers are anonymous. Finally, be aware that sometimes people get caught up in their busy lives and forget to follow through. This is why we suggest you speak to your invitees first to gauge their interest before the invitations are sent.


Dear [Insert Rater Name],

I am currently in a formal leadership development program. As part of this program, I am undergoing a 360° feedback process - called the i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment. This means that I am collecting responses from people like you who know me well and are willing to give me honest feedback. You will be receiving a link from About my Brain Institute with instructions on how to complete the 20 minute online survey.

  • This should arrive at the latest by [DD/MM/YY]
  • I would appreciate it if you could finish this survey by [DD/MM/YY]

Unless you are my Manager, all of your responses will be anonymous, because they will be mixed up with my other Raters. If you are my Manager, you will have a choice on whether your results will be shown to me or kept anonymous. I value your honesty and support.

If you would like more information on the process, you can go to this link:

Let me know if you do not receive the link by [DD/MM/YY]

Sincerely yours,

[Insert Your Name]

Instructions for Inviting

If you have received an invitation email to start your assessment, please do not forward this to your Raters, instead, you will need to invite them through the Wizard after completing the Self-Assessment Questionnaire. Once you get to Step 6 of the Wizard, you will be able to send your Rater Invitations.

To send Rater invitations, first select a category from the drop down menu below and then click ‘add’, you can choose various categories. Please note that you Raters will not know what category they belong to (except for the ‘Manager’ Category).

For ‘send all’ button to activate, you must reach the minimum requirement which is a total of 5 Raters with at least 2 Raters per category (except ‘Manager’). Ensure you insert all your Rater emails in one sitting. If you leave or refresh this page your entries may not be saved. Please ensure that all email addresses are correct before you hit send.

1. Select the rater categories you want:

2. Reach the minimum of 5 Raters and 2 per category for the ‘send all’ button to activate:

Which are the Rater categories?

There are 8 Rater categories:

  • Manager
  • Peers
  • Reports
  • Clients
  • Suppliers
  • Others (can be used if you have more than 1 Manager)
  • Friends
  • Family

Not all categories need to be completed. For example, you may only want to obtain feedback from your peers and clients. However, when choosing any category you are required to nominate at least 2 people in each (except ‘Manager’).

Please note that if only 1 Rater in each category completes the assessment, their scores will not be shown in the ‘Breakdown of Raters’ graphs in the report, although their scores will still be aggregated and shown in the ‘others’ circle. If this is the case, this final ‘others’ score will not necessarily amount to the addition of the percentages shown in the ‘Breakdown of Raters’.

In order to receive a report that shows all your nominated categories, we recommend inviting more than 3 people per rater category if you are unsure of what the response rate will be. alternatively you can  wait until you have collected all responses before ‘submitting’.

If you want to see the ‘Breakdown of Raters’ graph in your i4 Neuroleader™ Report, ensure that you have received a total of 5 Raters and a minimum of 2 Raters responses for each category and before ‘submitting’ your results for processing.

Otherwise your Report will look like this:


Is there a minimum of Raters required?

Yes, you will need to send invitations to a minimum of 5 people for the report to be processed. Once you have nominated your 5 Raters, all the invitations can be sent at the same time. Remember there is also a minimum of 2 Raters required per category (except ‘Manager’). If you have more than one Manager, you can use the ‘Others’ category.

If you only have 1 person to invite for the Peers, Reports, Clients, Suppliers, Friends or Family categories, then we recommend you place that person in the ‘Others’ category instead.

How many Invitations can I send?

The system allows you to send up to 20 invitations. It is up to you how you would like to distribute the Raters in each of the categories. However, we recommend distributing your Raters across as many categories as possible to take advantage of being able to compare feedback across different contexts.

This is a personal leadership and wellbeing assessment that encompasses how you are at work and in life. It is important you invite people from all areas of your life, so that you get a holistic view. We recommend you use the ‘family’ and ‘friends’ rater categories.

What happens after my invitations are sent?

Once the invitations have been sent, your Raters will receive instructions on how to complete the assessment. Our system will also send a total of 5 automatic reminders to encourage them to complete the assessment. To keep the momentum going, feel free to personally reach out to your Raters to nudge them along.

In addition, you will be able to track their progress in step 7 of the Wizard. To read more about managing rater invitations click here.

What type of people should I invite?

The best people to choose are those who know you well and interact with you frequently. Reflect on the self-evaluation you have just completed and select those who are likely to provide the most accurate observation of your traits, attitudes, abilities and behaviours.

It is better to select people that have worked with or known you for at least 6 months. In some organisations, Managers like to approve the Raters you nominate. The About my Brain Institute does not suggest one method over the other and it is up to you and your Manager to discuss this selection.

This is a personal leadership and wellbeing assessment that encompasses how you are at work and in life. It is important you invite people from all areas of your life, so that you get a holistic view. We recommend you use the ‘family’ and ‘friends’ rater categories.

Declined Invitations

A Rater may decline the invitation and you will be notified if this happens so you can invite someone else. This will also show in your Activity Log in Step 7 of the Assessment Wizard.