Matching Strengths

Items that score green in both the ‘You’ & ‘Others’ columns are called ‘Matching Strengths’.

Greens only appear when the client and every single rater scored that item at the very top of the scale (equal or above 7.1). When these appear together, it means that both the client and the raters see that item as a very clear strength.

The maximum number of matching strengths possible are 8 per pillar, a total of 32 for the competency which is also shown as a snapshot in the summary graphics. 

The higher the number of matching strengths, the more your client would be utilising and demonstrating to others the abilities, traits, attitudes and behaviours expressed by the items in each ‘LET’ table.

Even though there is no such thing as an ideal profile, a person could aim to have as many matching strengths as possible. This would mean that the client is confident about this particular item (as a strength) and others around also see it as a strength too.

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