Managing Rater Progress

In Step 7 of the Assessment Wizard, you will find all your sent invitations in the Activity Log table . This area allows you to add more Raters, see their progress, get the invitation ‘token link’ and delete invitations if required.

How to access the Assessment Wizard

  1. Login to your account via
  2. Click on the purple ‘Measure - Assessment & Reports Dashboard’ box in the home page
  3. Then, click on the green ‘Back to step 7’ button located in ‘Your Assessments’ box
  4. This takes you back to Step 7 of the Wizard, the area for managing Rater progress

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 11.46.58 am

Rater Status

Each Rater will show a different status, depending on their progress:

  • Invited - the email invite has been sent
  • Activated - the token link has been activated and an account created
  • In Progress - the rater has started the assessment
  • Completed - the rater has finished the assessment
  • Declined - the rater chose to notify you that they won't be completing the assessment

Once you ‘submit your results’ for processing you will also be able to see your Rater summary in Step 8 of the Assessment Wizard to cross check who completed the review. 


You can manage your invitations with the following actions:

  • Re-Send:
    You can send the original invitation email again.
  • Delete:
    You can delete the Rater invitation if the email is incorrect or if you wish to remove a Rater from your invitation list. Please note that this option is only available up until a Rater 'activates‘ the ‘token link’.
  • Link:
    If your Rater has not received the original email, you can copy the unique ‘token link’ invitation and send to them directly
  • Invite More Raters:
    This button will take you back to Step 6, so you can invite more Raters

Editing an incorrectly spelt email

If an email has been spelt incorrectly, you need to delete the incorrect invite and then click on the ‘add more raters’ to add them again - which will take you back to Step 6 of the Wizard. Once you add the Rater again with the correctly spelt email address and click submit this will re-send the email invite and take you back to Step 7.

What happens if my Rater does not get the invitation email?

If this happens, ask your Rater to check their spam folder. As a back up solution, you can use the green ‘link’ button to retrieve the unique token invitation link and send this to them directly. This will allow them to start the assessment process without having to have the email. You can also send them these FAQ instructions which replace the email. Please note that each Rater has a ‘unique token link’.

How do I ‘submit’ my responses?

When at least 5 Raters have completed the questionnaire, the ‘submit for processing’ button below activates (it becomes green). An email notification will be sent when this happens and you will be able to ‘submit’ your Rater responses for processing if you wish at this point. You may also decide to wait until you have collected all Rater responses.

What happens after I click ‘submit for processing’?

In Step 7, clicking the ‘submit for processing’ button closes the 360° feedback process, which means that you won’t be able to invite more people once you have submitted your assessment results. Any Rater that has not responded, will receive an automatic email notification that explains their participation is no longer needed.

Do my Raters receive automatic reminders?

Yes they do! Our system automatically sends a total of 5 email reminders to notify your Raters that you have sent them an invitation.