Managing Rater Progress

In step 7 of the Wizard, you will find all your sent invitations. The status of each rater is displayed in a table called ‘Invitations Sent’. This area allows you to invite more raters, delete, extend invites and see their progress.

How to access the Assessment Wizard

  1. Login to your account via
  2. Click on the purple ‘Measure - Assessment & Reports Dashboard’ box
  3. Then, click on the green ‘Back to step 7’ button located in ‘Your Assessments’ box
  4. This takes you back to Step 7 of the Wizard, the area for managing Rater progress

Rater Status

Each rater will show a different status, depending on their progress:

  • Invited - the email invite has been sent
  • In Progress - the rater has started the assessment
  • Completed - the rater has finished the assessment
  • Expired - the token link in the email invitation has expired
  • Declined - the rater chose to notify you that they won't be completing the assessment

Please note that the ‘Rater Status’ view is only available during the invitation process to help you manage the response rate. Once you submit your results for processing you will not be able to go back to Step 7 or see the individual Rater breakdown. The rater breakdown is only available to view as aggregated scores inside your Report as explained here and shown in the image below.

We do not make individual Rater scores available (except the Manager scores). This is to keep the anonymity of the Raters, as explained in this article


You can manage your invitations with the following actions:

  • Re-send - you can send the invitation email again.
  • Extend - you can extend the deadline if it expired, it will also re-send the invitation email.
  • Delete - you can delete the Rater invitation.
  • Link - you can copy the Invitation Link Token (if they have not received the original email)
  • Invite More Raters - this button will take you back to Step 6, so you can invite more people

Editing an incorrectly spelt email

If an email has been spelt incorrectly, you need to delete the incorrect invite and then click on the ‘add more raters’ to add them again - which will take you back to Step 6 of the Wizard. Once you add the rater again with the correctly spelt email address and click submit this will re-send the email invite and take you back to Step 7.

What happens when I have reached the minimum of 5 raters?

When at least 5 Raters have completed the questionnaire, the ‘Submit for Processing’ button on the bottom right of the Wizard window activates (it becomes green). You will be notified via email when this happens and you will be able to submit your Rater responses for processing.

Clicking this button finalises the 360° Feedback process and your i4 Report will then be processed. You won't be able to invite more people once you have submitted.

Please note that the only time the Rater listing will be shown is on Step 7 of the Wizard. This listing is not available after you submit and your raters cannot be identified or singled out in the i4 Report, this is in order to protect the anonymity of the Rater responses.

Automatic Reminders

Please note that our system automatically sends email reminders over a period of 15 days to notify your Raters that you have sent them an invitation.

Expiry Dates

The invitation has an automatic expiry window of 15 days. Expiry dates cannot be tailored. However, if a Rater's invitation has expired, you can click the ‘extend’ button and the assessment invitation will be extended for another 5 days.

Please note this button only appears once the invitation has expired. When this button is clicked, a new email invitation is sent with the new expiry date.

To read more about the Rater process click here.