Managing Rater Invitations for my Participants

Every Participant is responsible for self-managing their own Rater invitations in Step 7 of the Wizard.

To read more about how Participants can access Step 7 of the Wizard in order to manage Rater progress, click here. Feel free to send this article to your Participants should they have any questions on how to do this.

Raters also have their own instructions, Participants can send the following article to their raters.

These articles are available for public viewing via various links across our website and have also been included in the original invitation emails.

As a Practitioner you won’t have the ability to manage Rater invitations on the Participant’s behalf, as the system has been designed for this process to be self-managed by the Participant.

However, you will have visibility of your Participant's Rater progress inside your CMD. To see this breakdown, click on the purple ‘view’ button to see the individual view of each Participant.



Their rater progress will be outlined in the accordion titled ‘Rater Invitation Details’: