Instructions for Raters

Raters will receive an email invitation from About my Brain Institute (which is always sent by a colleague, family or friend). This email will prompt the individual to participate in a 360° Feedback Assessment for the sender.

Raters will need to click on the individual link provided in the email invitation which will guide them to create a password protected account. Once the link is activated, the Rater will be taken to a ‘Wizard’ with step by step instructions. 

Sample Email


How to complete the questionnaire

  • The Assessment has 3 Wizard Steps. After completing steps 1 through 2 you can begin the assessment questionnaire in step 3.
  • The assessment is a 128 item questionnaire, which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. The assessment is divided in 5 sections each containing different sort of questions.
  • We recommend to complete the assessment in one sitting and try to eliminate all distractions. If you are not able to finish it in one go, you can 'save & continue later'.
  • When answering the questions, be as honest as you can. Base your answers on how you currently see the Participant without over-thinking. There are no right or wrong answers.
  • This is a personal leadership and wellbeing assessment that encompasses how the Participant is at work and in life.
  • Once you click on the button 'submit & next page', you won't be able to go back. However, you can re-open questions to change an answer on the current page.
  • There is a 4 minute time limit per page. If the assessment is left open or you take longer, the system will automatically save your responses and will take you back to your dashboard. When this happens, click the 'continue process' button to resume the assessment.

Changing language

Raters are be able to change the language in Step 3 of the Wizard. Only the questions of the Assessment are available in different languages. The Wizard and instructions are in English.


Answers are kept anonymous and the input provided is combined with other raters' responses. Your name will not appear in the report.

For managers, unless they specify otherwise, their responses and feedback will be displayed separately, they will not be combined with other raters' results. Read more here.

About Expiry Dates

The Rater email invitation specifies a default ‘expiry date’ of 15 days. If the invitation expires, Participants will be able to extend the deadline for their Raters by 5 days.

In order to ‘extend’ the deadline for their Raters, they will need to log into the Dashboard. 

If the Rater, accepts the invitation and cannot complete the assessment in one sitting, the progress can be ‘saved’ and the questionnaire can be closed. Once they are ready to resume, they can log back into their dashboard to finalise the process.

What happens if the assessment is closed early?

Please note that the Participant OR the managing Consultant/Coach may close off the Assessment process early if the Rater does not complete the assessment in time for when they need it (despite that there is a 15 day deadline).

The Rater will be notified via email when/if the assessment process is closed. As a Rater, if you intended to complete the Assessment, please contact the Participant directly to notify them that you would like to have your responses included.

The Participant will contact the managing Consultant/Coach or and depending on the situation and project deadlines, the assessment may be re-opened for you.

If the assessment is re-opened, you will be able to continue where you last left off. If your assessment was partially completed, you will also be able to continue where you last left off.

Please note that if no one is in touch, it is likely that the Assessment will not be re-opened.

Declining An Invitation

Raters can decline an invitation if they feel that their interactions with the participant are very limited or if they don't know the person well. Raters will keep receiving email reminders if they don’t decline. We recommend raters use the feature to notify the Participant and also to suppress the email reminder notifications.

Account Creation for Raters

All raters are required to create an account in order to rate the person who invited them. The assessment, reports and rater participation has been designed to be protected by a password system, purely to help maintain the privacy for all parties (the participant and the raters) as well as to offer identifiable technical support by the About my Brain Institute when needed. Please read our Privacy Policy for further information.

The unique rater assessment link token invitation should not be shared or made public, and it is only to be completed by the intended rater who was originally invited by the participant.

Once raters create an account, they are able to manage multiple assessment invitations by logging into their dashboard. Only a name, email and password of their choice is required by the raters and no other personal information is requested as part of the i4 Neuroleader Assessment process.

If a rater wishes to delete his/her account after completing the rating process, please email us:

Raters will not be subscribed to any marketing emails unless they choose to subscribe via our website, or by ticking the subscribe button when creating an account.

AMBi will not contact raters directly for any other reason other than to respond to any support requests that are initiated by the rater.

The only emails that raters will receive from AMBi are from our Dashboard System:

Please note that these invitations are only sent by someone you may know so that you can rate them in the i4 Neuroleader Assessment process - and are not unsolicited emails.

They are triggered in our system by an individual you may know and we send these emails on behalf of the initiator for the purposes of fulfilling the i4 Neuroleader Assessment service.