Deadlines & Timeframes

The i4 Neuroleader™ Platform & Assessment ‘token links’ do not have an expiry date. It is up to the i4 Practitioner to set a deadline when launching a project.

How do deadlines work?

Communicating an overall deadline for the completion of the assessment process is important, as it helps keep the project on time and avoid delays in collecting Rater responses, scheduling your debriefs, workshops and making reports available in Participant’s Dashboards.

Due to this flexibility, we recommend that you communicate to Participants (early on) the overall project timeframe, outcomes and any other detail you wish to provide. This can be done in your personalised induction emails.

We recommend that you do this before you send your Participants the system generated invitation email via the CMD, since these automated emails and the follow-up reminders do not contain any deadlines.

Please use our sample emails listed in the Inducting Participants FAQ as a guide to write your own induction emails with deadlines that are relevant to your situation / project.

How do I get my Participants and their Raters to stick to my deadline? 

Since the system sends various email reminders to Participants and Raters, users should have plenty of opportunities to accept the invitation and complete the process.

However, sometimes Participants and Raters do not complete the assessment in time as per the deadlines you have established at the beginning in your Project Launch email. It is in human nature for some to ignore reminders or to leave things to the last minute.

If this is the case, what we recommend is that you reach out your Participant individually to ask how they are going with the process and collecting their Rater responses. Remind them of the deadline you have set for them at the beginning and encourage your Participants to follow up with their own Raters and communicate this deadline in order to push along the process.

What if I want to schedule a debrief and my Participant has  not submitted?

If you are wanting to schedule debriefs with Participants and you can see that not all Raters have completed, you can reach out and ask them if it would be ok for you to close off their survey with the number of raters they have. To read more about ‘force submit’ click here.

The Participant will usually get back to you either saying ‘yes’, or to wait a few more days for them to get the rest of the ratings in. It is up to you how you would like to manage this process depending on your own individual situation and project outcomes. 

What if a Participant never ‘activates’ the invitation?

In some cases, a Participant may never ‘activate’ the invitation via the ‘token link’. This may happen if the person leaves the organisation or for other reasons.

If this is the case, after your project is finalised, you can ‘reset’ that invitation and use the credit towards another project at anytime. Please note that the ‘reset’ function can only be applied if the Participant has not ‘activated’ the link.

Re-setting the credit ‘de-activates’ the ‘token link’ and that link will no longer be usable, this also applied for any Rater invitations that are still pending. At the end of a project, we recommend you do a clean up so that any left over credits are not left pending.