Completing the 360° Feedback Assessment

The i4 Neuroleader 360° Feedback Assessment is a questionnaire that allows you to receive feedback from your immediate circle.

This Assessment will ask you to include people to rate you from work such as managers, peers, clients, direct reports and other stakeholders. With this Assessment, you also have the possibility of inviting family members and friends to participate.

The 360° Assessment generates useful information about the perception of oneself in comparison to the view of others. This enables participants to gain a less biased view of themselves.

How long does it take?

This questionnaire takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Part of this process consists of you completing your self-evaluation first and then inviting your trusted circle of colleagues to complete the same Assessment for you. You raters will also take around 20 minutes to complete the Assessment process.

How to complete the questionnaire

  • The Assessment is accessed via a unique token link contained inside an email invitation that is sent from the About my Brain Institute. Once you click on that unique link you will be asked to create an account to start the Assessment process
  • The 360° Feedback Assessment has 8 Wizard Steps. Note that the ‘360 Self Assessment’ contains the ‘Self Assessment’ questionnaire within it, and this is completed before Participants can invite their raters. After completing steps 1 through 3 you can begin the Assessment questionnaire in step 4. 
  • The Assessment contains 128 items and it is divided in 5 sections each containing different sort of questions.
  • We recommend to complete the Assessment in one sitting and try to eliminate all distractions. If you are not able to finish it in one go, you can 'save & continue later'.
  • When answering the questions, be as honest as you can. Base your answers on how you currently see yourself without over-thinking. There are no right or wrong answers.
  • This is a personal leadership Assessment that encompasses how you are at work and in life. If you think you act differently at work, you can choose to imagine yourself in that environment when completing this evaluation. It is important you invite people from all areas of your life, so that you get a holistic view. We recommend you use the ‘family’ and ‘friends’ rater categories.
  • When completing the questions, when you click on the ‘submit & next page’ button, please note that you won't be able to go back. However, you can re-open questions to change an answer on the current page.
  • There is a 4 minute time limit per page. If the Assessment is left open or you take longer, the system will automatically save your responses and will take you back to your home dashboard. When this happens, click the ‘continue process’ button to resume the Assessment. This is a safety mechanism to close and save the progress of your Assessment in case the page is left open. 

Changing the language

You will be able to set the language of the Assessment questions when you get to Step 4 of the Wizard. Available languages: English, Español, Français, Slovenčina and 简体中文. 

How do I submit my results?

Once you receive all your rater responses, the system will notify you to ‘submit’ your results for processing. The i4 Neuroleader Report is then automatically generated and sent directly to the certified consultant/coach for review, so they can prepare for the Debrief Session.

How do I access my i4 Neuroleader Report?

Please note that the i4 Neuroleader Report is not available in your Dashboard until after the Debrief session is conducted. The 360° results are usually released manually by the certified consultant/coach.

Once your report is released, you will receive an email notification to access the digital version of the report inside the Measure Dashboard here.

You will also be able to download a PDF version and watch the Self-Paced Virtual Debrief Course. Click here to read more about locating your report.