Blind Spots

Items that score green with a pairing red in the ‘You’ & ‘Others’ columns are called Blind Spots.

Red appears when the client and the raters score that item in the lower part of the scale (equal or below 3.9). When these appear together, it means there is a greater mismatch between how the client and the raters see this particular ability, trait, attitude or behaviour.

The maximum number of Blind Spots are 8 per pillar, a total of 32 for the competency which is also shown as a snapshot in the summary graphics. Blind Spots could either be a limitation perceived by the person that others see as a strength or a strength that others see as a limitation.

If the client has a high number of Blind Spots, it is recommended to discuss how this gap can be bridged. However, to keep the session brief, guide the client to reflect on these results and mark the items they are interested to explore in a future coaching session.

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