The purpose of the Benchmarking graphs is to show the client’s position in comparison to the entire population who has completed this assessment, as at April 2020 the global database is close to 20,000.

These benchmarks are shown for each competency and corresponding pillars. The position has been calculated by taking into consideration the median score of ‘You’ & ‘Others’. 

Note that the ‘y’ axis has been divided into 4 quartiles. When your position is around the 50th percentile line, it means that 50% of the population scored above you and 50% scored below you. Being positioned in Quartile 1 means that you are in the Top 25th percentile, while being in Quartile 4 means you are in the Bottom 25th percentile. The neck of the person-icon indicates your ranking.


Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 2.45.20 pm