Assigning & Moving Credits

This article explains the concept of ‘credits’ and ‘seats’ and provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to assign or move around credits in the CMD.

What is a ‘credit’ or ‘seat’?

You will notice we use the terms ‘seat’ or ‘credit’ interchangeably in various areas and across our documentation. This refers to the i4 Neuroleader™ Platform & Assessment access for each individual Participant for a 12 month subscription period. Think of it like an annual license that is provided to an individual person for the use of the assessment and eLearning resources.

How do I gain access to ‘credits’ or ‘seats’?

When you are an active licensee, you can purchase bulk annual ‘seats’ for your clients and assign them individually or to a group using the CMD. Depending on your annual license (and on on renewal) you will also have pre-assigned credits which are available in your My Credits Folder in the projects page.

In summary, you can:

  • Assign new credits from the ‘My Credits’ Folder to an Individual or Group Project.
  • Re-use any left over credits in a Group Project that have not been used.
  • Move a Participant between Group Projects or into an Individual Project

How do I assign a credit?

Assigning a new credit to a Group or Individual Project:

  1. Go to the My Credits Folder
  2. You can select one credit or multiple credits at once
  3. Using the green ‘options’ button select either: 
    1. ‘Move to new individual project’
    2. ‘Assign to another group project’

Moving a Credit from a Group Project into an Individual Project :

  1. Go to the ‘Manage Clients’ tab inside a Group Project and identify which Participant or empty credit you would like to move out of that Group Project.
  2. Using the green ‘Options’ button select ‘Move to new individual project’
  3. Once this is done the credit will be taken out of that Group Project and you will find the Participant or empty credit in an Individual Project in the main projects page

Moving a Credit from an Individual Project into a Group Project:

  1. Ensure you have first created a Group Project or have existing a Group Project.
  2. From the projects page, select the Participant you wish to move into a Group Project
  3. Using the ‘Select an Action’ dropdown menu in the ‘Manage’ accordion select ‘Assign to group project’ 
  4. This action will show you a drop down list with all the existing Group Projects in your dashboard and it will allow you move the Participant to a chosen Group Project.