Managing the Assessment Process & Applying Actions

The actions that are available in the CMD will allow you to manage the Participant’s journey as they move through the assessment process.

Below we have defined what each ‘Action’ does and how you can apply the actions in both Individual and Team or Group Projects.

How to use the ‘Actions’ Function

In an Individual Project

Use the dropdown menu ‘Select an Action’ located in the 'Manage’ accordion inside an Individual Project. Once the action is selected, click the orange ‘Apply’ button.

In a Group Project

Use the green 'Options' dropdown next to each Participant located in the table of the 'Manage Clients’ Tab in a Group Project. You can also select multiple Participants and apply an action in bulk using the blue ‘Bulk Actions’ dropdown located in the menu bar.

In the ‘Project Settings’ Tab you will also find global Project actions under the ‘Manage’ accordion, such as archiving the Project and downloading Group Reports. 

What does each Action do?

Send Invitation Email

Sends the About my Brain Institute formatted Assessment Invitation Email to the Participant with the unique token link to access the Assessment. To read more click here.

Re-Send Invitation Email

If the Participant did not receive the initial Invitation Email, you can re-send it. This action only shows after the first email has been sent.

Get Invitation Link

If the Participant did not receive the Invitation Email you sent through the Dashboard, simply use this action to retrieve the unique token link for each Assessment Invitation. Copy and paste it into your own email software and send to the Participant. You can also send the Participant this section of our FAQ to provide some instructions of how to start the Assessment. This FAQ will provide any details they need to start the assessment process.

Edit Email or Name

This action allows you to edit the name or email that you entered if it is incorrect (this can only be done before the person activates the assessment). To read more click here.

Set Auto-Release / Unset Auto-Release (in Project Settings Tab)

By default this action is turned off. When kept to default, the ‘Assessment’ is only available to you first, the Practitioner. This allows you to access the i4 Neuroleader™ Report first and then schedule a time to go through it with your client in a personalised debrief session. Note that after the ‘Auto-Release’ is set on, the action will then change to ‘Unset Auto-Release’ in the case you need to revert this action. To read more about Releasing Reports and Duty of Care click here.


If the Participant has not activated the token link, you can reset the invitation, which means all data and the link will be deleted in our system, and as such become invalid. This credit can then be used for another Participant at anytime.

Assign to Another Group Project / Assign to Group Project

These 2 actions allow you to move Participants or empty credit from project to project, if needed. Once you apply this action you will be given a list of available ‘Group Projects’ to choose from. 

Move to New Individual Project

Much like the actions mentioned above, this action allows you to move a Participant or empty credit outside of a Group Project into an Individual Project.

Assign Group Category / Remove from Group

This action allows you to assign / remove a Participant from a category you created in the Project Settings tab for the purpose of creating a Team Report. This feature is only available for 360° Assessment Team or Group Projects. To read more click here.

Submit Results for Processing / Unsubmit Results

This action is used for 360° Feedback Assessment Projects to either submit results for processing or to un-submit or reopen the assessment process if the Participant has submitted their results too early or by mistake. Note that Self Assessments are submitted automatically once a Participant finishes the questionnaire. To read more about how this feature works click here.

Release Report to Client

This action is used for 360° Feedback Assessment Projects to release the report in the client's dashboard once a debrief has taken place. This feature is also available for Self Assessment Projects if you choose to have the auto-release function set as ‘off’ as stated above in point 6. To read more about how this feature works click here.

Download Group Report (in the Project Settings tab)

This action allows you to download the Group Report. This action only appears after you have assigned Participants to a Group Category. To read more about how this works, click here.

Archive (in the Project Settings tab)

When a Project is completed, or no longer required, you can ‘Archive’ it if you do not wish to see it anymore in the Projects Page of your Dashboard. The Project can always be easily retrieved by selecting ‘Archived’ projects using the dropdown menu located next to the search bar. This does not delete the project, it simply hides it from the main view. To archive a project use the ‘Select an Action’ dropdown menu under the ‘Manage’ accordion in the Project Settings tab.