About the ‘Manager’ Rater Category

The ‘Manager’ category only allows one person to be assigned. The purpose of this category is to give a direct manager the ability to provide feedback and for those results to be displayed separately in the report.

When inviting a manager, it is important the Participant personally requests that they would like their managers direct feedback in their report (and to advise them that those results will be shown separately).

However, please note that when the Manger starts the assessment process, the system will automatically ask them to consent for their responses to be shown in the report separately.

The manager has the right to choose for their answers not to be displayed in the ‘breakdown of raters’ graph. If they would prefer their feedback to be merged with the 'others' scoring and shown only in the middle circle on the i4 Neuroleader Report - they must click on the orange 'No, I do not consent' button.

See image below