The Assessment Questionnaire & Invitation

The i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment is a neurobiology-based leadership & wellbeing tool that helps you identify, measure and track the competencies of Performance, Collaboration, Innovation & Agility.

The Assessment Questionnaire for Participants is accessible via a password protected account. Participants are invited via an email invitation from the About my Brain Institute, which we send on behalf of a Certified i4 Neuroleader Consultant/Coach or an organisation you work for.

About the Invitation Token Link

This invitation contains a unique token link that prompts Participants to create an account on:

Please note that if you have received an invitation via email, you will need to click on the token link in that email to activate your assessment, so that it becomes available in your dashboard.

The other way you may access an assessment is via a unique token link that may be shared with you directly or by purchasing the assessment directly through our website.

Once an account is created, the Participant is guided through a ‘Wizard’ step by step process. This ‘Wizard’ contains all the instructions you need in order to complete the assessment experience.

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