About the ‘Status’ & ‘Step’ labels

The Invitation ‘Status’ and ‘Step’ labels give you a detailed breakdown on the progress for each Participant and where they are at in the assessment process.

Knowing what ‘Status’ and ‘Step’ of the Participant, will allow you to personally contact them if you need to follow up. Remember that the system automatically sends email reminders to the Participants and their Raters throughout the whole process, however there may be times when you want to personally encourage Participants to finalise the assessment process in order to meet your project deadline.

Where are these labels used?

The labels ‘Status’ & ‘Step’ can be found on the table inside the ‘Manage Clients’ tab of a ‘Group Project’ or in the fields located in the ‘Assessment Details’ accordion inside of an ‘Individual Project’ or an ‘Individual View’ of a Participant.

What do the terms associated with ‘Status’ mean?

  1. Not Sent:
    You have purchased Credit for the Participant, but the email invitation has not been sent.
  2. Send Failed:
    Delivery of the email has failed. This could happen if there is an internet connection downtime while sending the invitations or if the email address has a syntax error. You will need to resend the email invitation or edit the email if it has been misspelt.
  3. Sent:
    The Participant has received the ‘token link’ but not yet activated it.
  4. Activated Invitation:
    Participants who have clicked on the ‘token link’ and activated the assessment by creating an account on our website or logged in using an existing account to accept the invitation.
  5. Self Assessment Started:
    Where the Participant has begun the process but not yet completed the Self Assessment questionnaire.
  6. Self Assessment Completed:
    Where the Participant have completed the Self Assessment questionnaire.
  7. Raters Not Sent:
    The Participant has not sent the Invitation Emails to ‘Raters’.
  8. Invited Raters:
    The Participant has sent the Invitations Emails through the system to their ‘Raters’.
  9. Enough Raters:
    The Participant has more than 5 ‘Raters’.
  10. Not Enough Raters:
    The Participant has less than the minimum of 5 ‘Raters’.
  11. Submitted:
    The participant has ‘Submitted’ results for processing.
  12. Released:
    If you have ‘Released the Report’ into the Participant’s dashboard.

What does each ‘Step’ signify?

This label signifies the Step of the Assessment Wizard that the Participant is on:

  • Step ( - ): The hyphen is shown when they have not yet entered the Assessment Wizard.
  • Step 1: This is the start of the process, where information session video is located
  • Step 2: Demographic information collection
  • Step 3: Self-Assessment instructions
  • Step 4: Self-Assessment questionnaire
  • Step 5: Rater invitation instructions 
  • Step 6: Rater invitation form
  • Step 7: Rater activity log (once they sent the Rater invitations)
  • Step 8: Once the participant has submitted their results

Please remember that each step has detail instructions for the Participants, so it is not necessary to provide / write more instructions for them. In addition you can review or send a link to the FAQ for Participants if they require additional assistance.