Inducting Participants

Before sending an Invitation Email via the CMD we recommend to induct your Participants by sending them some introductory email communication first. Some details and useful resources are outlined below.

We have provided several samples to assist you in putting this communications together, click below to read each sample: 

    You can certainly use the samples above, adapt and edit them to your own words so that they include any additional information you need to communicate. 

    In addition, from a process perspective, these samples have been written specifically to match the way the systems and processes of the i4 Neuroleader™ Platform & Assessment, we recommend you keep the 'instructional’ bits and pieces as they are to avoid confusion.

    Some other info you can add to these samples are:

    • You own positive welcoming note that inspires and excites them to embark on this journey
    • General information about the program you are conducting and what they should expect
    • Remember to specify your own deadlines and timeframes for the assessment process
    • If you are running a project in another language, please ensure you let Participants know that the website system, email notification and technical support are provided in English, but the Assessment questionnaire is available in the following languages.
    • It is important to encourage participants to watch the 11 minute Information Session video in Step 1 of the Assessment Wizard. Most of the details they need to know about the assessment and the i4 Neuroleader™ Model is contained in this intro video at the beginning of the assessment process. For reference you can also watch it below: