Running the Debrief via face to face


  1. Laptop or iPad (fully charged or with charger)
  2. Internet access or hotspot on phone
  3. Drinking water for yourself and your client
  4. Notepad and pen for the client
  5. Your business card
  6. Stopwatch or phone timer
  7. If you are debriefing for the first time, have your debrief checklist available


  1. Prior to the debrief: Read this Guide, download and review the client’s report, or have a copy printed to take to the session.
  2. Arrive at your location earlier than the client to set up.
  3. Rearrange chairs and plug in electronics if needed. Find the location of the bathroom, in case the client asks.
  4. Find a comfortable and quiet space (free of interruptions), ensure internet connection is stable and switch mobile to silent.
  5. Have your laptop ready and fully charged with the i4 Neuroleader™ Report already opened before the client walks in.
  6. Set a subtle sounding alarm 10 minutes before the end of the session.
  7. Conduct the debrief session.
  8. Begin to close the session when the alarm goes off.
  9. Once the debrief is completed, log into the Practitioner Dashboard and ‘release’ the report. Send an email to confirm this has been done.