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Email Deliverability

In order to guarantee successful email delivery of assessment invitations, it is highly recommended to use an email address and/or a service provider that does not enforce overly heavy spam, blocking, firewall or whitelisting filters.

If the facility in use is provided by a corporate, another private provider or if you are in doubt about the deliverability of our service communications to your email address, consult with your system administration for more information. Please note that if emails are not being delivered, it could be due to spam or whitelisting filters set by your service provider.

All emails sent from our system rely on our email provider for prompt deliverability. The following email addresses may appear in the sender section of our emails:

  • admin@aboutmybrain.com
  • support@aboutmybrain.com
  • hello@aboutmybrain.com

It is highly recommended for corporate and/or private email server administrators to check that the emails listed above are not blocked. Adding these addresses and/or the email domain of aboutmybrain.com into their whitelist will help guarantee email deliverability.

Finally, please be aware that any spelling mistakes in the email address is one of the most common reasons of undelivered emails. We recommend to double check email spelling before registration and/or sending rater invitations.

If you have any questions about the Terms and Conditions regarding email communications, click here to read our terms of use.